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Texas A&M's Opener Postponed Due to Hurricane Isaac


via the National Hurricane Center

I was wondering how long it would take for this decision to come down, but it's definitely the right one:

The Aggies and Bulldogs will square off on what used to be a bye week for both of them, meaning that they'll have to play all 12 in a row. It also means that A&M's home and SEC opener against Florida will be its first game of the 2012 season.

Isaac has both strengthened and slowed down as the week has gone on, and today's 4pm Central advisory puts the center of it just east of Shreveport at noon on Thursday. It's not really workable to try to stage a game that evening in those kinds of conditions. It's not safe for people to be out traveling, and there's not even a guarantee that the stadium will have power.

It's best to be cautious in situations like this one, so it's good to see that those in charge made the right call.