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Sprints Is Currently Just Curious About Angelo Mirando's Resignation // 08.20.12

If Dan Mullen knows why Mississippi State's wide receivers coach left, he's not telling.
If Dan Mullen knows why Mississippi State's wide receivers coach left, he's not telling.

10 Days Until SEC Football

A case of bad timing or is there something more?
Sometimes, it's hard to know whether something just comes along at the wrong time or if there's something more there than meets the eye. And that's what we have with the surprising resignation of Angelo Mirando, the wide receivers coach for Mississippi State. Generally, position coaches do not resign less than two weeks before the season unless something is up -- but Mirando goes out of his way to say that nothing is up.

I want to stress that these issues are personal. I look forward to pursuing other opportunities in the future.

There are any number of reasons that Mirando might have resigned, of course -- and we're not about to get in the business of speculating what those might be based on the very limited information in Mirando's statement. But it wouldn't be a shocker to find out later that there's more to this.

Regardless, it's not the best news any team could get at this point. Not that the passing game has been a huge part of the State offense since Dan Mullen took over, but wide receivers do more than catch passes, and it's better to not have any position coach leave just before the season starts.

What could possibly go wrong?
Tyler Russell is a very brave man. And Mississippi State fans better hope he knows exactly what he's doing.

Mississippi State's starting quarterback has developed a few signals to communicate with his receivers that even coach Dan Mullen and offensive coordinator Les Koenning have not been clued in on.

So now, when you see Mississippi State try the fake-statue-of-liberty-double-reverse-flea-flicker, you'll know why.

Akeem Auguste out
For how long is not exactly clear, which is probably not what South Carolina fans want to hear about a secondary that is one of the few weak links on the Gamecocks defense.

Something to keep an eye on
Jovon Robinson is out for at least this fall after a guidance counselor changes his high school grades. There's no reason to believe that Auburn had anything to do with this, but it still could cost Robinson some eligibility or send him to JUCO.

There are probably more urgent things Kentucky could be working on
But, hey, they're getting the PR training they'll need for the questions they'll answer as the team loses a half-dozen or so SEC games.

Obvious headline is obvious

Keeping QB in one piece is key for MU season

It's actually a decent article about James Franklin (MO) and the efforts by the Tigers to keep him healthy -- but I've yet to see any team make it very far with a quarterback who takes the field in pieces.