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Sprints Hopes It Never Hears from Sylvester Croom's Laywer // 08.10.12

I heard on Twitter that he's a clone of Reggie Ball.
I heard on Twitter that he's a clone of Reggie Ball.

Earlier on Team Speed Kills: Bobby Petrino Interview: He Says the Right Things, Once Again
Bobby Petrino owns up for some of his wrongdoing in the ESPN interview, but he still can't bring himself to admit all of his mistakes.


The new Auburn site on SB Nation: College and Magnolia
I'm sure they're high on Harvey Updyke's target list, but do take a moment to go over and peruse our new site for all things Orange and Blue. At least the shades of orange and blue that are used in the Greater Opelika area.

Where are [their lawyers] now?
It appears The Croom Diaries over at For Whom the Cowbell Tolls is going to have to change his nom de guerre. Why? Because he received a letter from Sylvester Croom's lawyer, who really must have too much spare time on his hands.

It just came to our attention that you are using Coach Croom’s name and likeness in a manner that makes it appear he is associated in some manner with your site.

In addition to being frivolous, this is clearly wrong-headed. Why would any Mississippi State blog want to make it look like Sylvester Croom is associated with their site?


Missouri season tickets sell out for the first time in history
That's impressive.

"What a remarkable showing by our fans," Pinkel said in a statement released by MU. "They have really embraced our program and our move to the SEC. We asked them to step up, and they’ve done it in a major way, and we couldn’t be more appreciative."

For all the attention paid to Texas A&M, largely because they were first, it's become clear that Missouri fans wanted into the SEC almost as badly as the Aggies did. And if sellouts become a little more common, maybe the Tigers can build themselves a properly sized stadium.

Alabama:wide receivers::Vanderbilt:quarterbacks
Maybe not exactly, but there are a lot of wideouts on the roster and only so much playing time. The competition is pretty fierce.

This will help shake things out
Chris Black is likely out for the season after shoulder surgery.

Jim Mora is a jerk, Exhibit YYY
Jim Mora, formerly a jerk as head coach of the Falcons now serving as a jerk as the head coach of UCLA, went on the radio Wednesday and said that UCLA is safe and doesn't "have murders a block from our campus." Of course, there were some murders very close to Southern Cal.

Jim Mora's first response to the firestorm that set off was trademark Jim Mora.

"If anybody, whether USC or Cal State San Bernardino, is offended by the statement, then that's their insecurity, not mine."

He ended up apologizing, but only after making Lane Kiffin's team look like a sympathetic group. Read that last sentence again, and you'll understand why this is particularly irritating.

Speaking of Boy Wonder ...
The more things change, the more they stay the same. Remember the new, more mature Lane Kiffin that was leading Southern Cal?

When a reporter said Arizona Coach Rich Rodriguez had voted USC No. 1, Kiffin said, "I would not vote USC No. 1, I can tell you that."

But Kiffin did vote the Trojans No. 1, the USA Today report said.

It's all part of the plan, I'm sure.

This is an awful column
And I don't normally link to awful columns about non-SEC players, but everyone in the country should point at this column and call it awful until Dennis Dodd apologizes to Montee Ball. With little or no evidence, Dodd says that Ball better be telling the truth about an incident in which Ball was attacked -- while suggesting that Dodd doesn't believe that Ball is telling the truth.

Why the skepticism? Because of one of TMZ's "scoops" about a police report that actually says there's no evidence that Ball was involved in an earlier fight that police have not in any way linked to the attack on Ball. Got that?

CBS generally does good work, but this is slander and innuendo at its worst. I'm sure Dennis Dodd will soon back this column up with information gleaned from Wikipedia.