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Sprints Would Eat Grass Before Bringing Another QB to LSU // 08.01.12

Yep, Bolden should fit right in among the quarterbacks in Baton Rouge.
Yep, Bolden should fit right in among the quarterbacks in Baton Rouge.

LSU has a want for another quarterback, apparently
Or a replacement for a quarterback who's apparently not making the cut academically. Rob Bolden will go to LSU, according to sources talking to the Times-Picayune.

This is a little bit befuddling. The Bayou Bengals finally get rid of their quarterback controversy, there's all kind of talk out of Baton Rouge that Zach Mettenberger is going to be the quarterback this season, and LSU gets another signal caller who had a chance at starting for his last school? And they're not going to give Bolden at least a chance to start?

That's a tough storyline to buy, as others have pointed out. Sure, Bolden could win a championship at LSU as a backup -- he isn't going to win one as a starter for Penn State -- but I'm still wondering what his motivation would be to trade in a starting job for a clipboard. Unless someone is telling Bolden he has a chance to start with the Tigers, in which case things could get interesting.

Probably not the quickest way to move up the depth chart
South Carolina's fourth-string quarterback got arrested for speeding and driving after underage drinking, which is the kind of trifecta that almost deserves applause now that we know no one got hurt by Tanner McEvoy's stupidity. You might think that a fourth-string quarterback getting suspended is not a big deal -- but this is Steve Spurrier's team we're talking about, so there's no telling whether McEvoy might get playing time or not.

My sister was more of a 'Saved By The Bell' fan than I was
Especially when it started coming on so often that another sitcom made fun of how frequently the reruns aired. What were we talking about again?

Oh, yeah, Arkansas losing LSU as its Thanksgiving rival. It sort of makes sense, in a weird sort of way. And Arkansas Expats has a new leader, Doc Harper, who starts strong with a pop-culture reference and everything.

Sports Illustrated is the new enemy for Kentucky fans

You have to get through this maze with ESS EEE SEE SPEEEEED
The more I get to know about these Mizzou people, the more I think they're going to fit in well here.

Rewarding mediocrity is what 'merica is all about
Remember when there was talk of doing away with the 6-6 bowl teams and making everyone at least win more than they lost to get to a bowl game? Yeah, forget about all that.

"I see it staying at 6-6 for the foreseeable future," said Wright Waters, the new executive director of the Football Bowl Association. "When commissioners went back to their conferences, they found out there's an awful lot of support for 6-6. That's 35 athletic directors who get an early jump on selling season tickets and 35 coaches who are talking to recruits about winning a bowl game."

Actually, it's 35 athletics directors who have some sign of progress to sell to fans and 35 coaches who get to cash in their bowl-based incentives, but whatever. We just can't let the Whataburger Bowl in Gary, Ind., go out of business; what kind of a nation would we be living in?

UCF has a whole different set of bowl issues
The Golden Knights get a bowl ban from the NCAA. We still got a few more of these to go folks -- including a school a few hundred miles to the southeast of Orlando.