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SEC Media Days 2012: Live Blogging Hugh Freeze and the Other Batman Villains

11:24 a.m. CT: Can't believe it's too big a change for Hugh Freeze to be in the SEC. The Sun Belt plays half their games there. And we're done.

11:19 a.m. CT: Question about the possibility that Ole Miss might lose more than seven games. He doesn't dispute the premise

11:15 a.m. CT: I think I can sum up Freeze's press conference so far this year: Yeah, we're going 3-9 this year.

10:59 a.m. CT: Freeze shoots back at Spurrier, pointing out that South Carolina plays Ole Miss in 2013. "We will circle that date and maybe look forward to change his perspective about what he thinks about Ole Miss football."

10:54 a.m. CT: Hugh Freeze plays to type, promises to try to "lead us out of this wilderness, so to speak."

10:52 a.m. CT: Hugh Freeze follows Nick Saban and Derek Dooley and says he's grateful for his relationship with the media