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SEC Media Days 2012: Live Blogging Joker Phillips, 3rd Most Successful Major-Team Coach at Kentucky

12:39 p.m. CT: Phillips: "Me, being at Kentucky, would be opposed to a ninth game." DON'T TAKE MY CUPCAKES AWAY

12:37 p.m. CT: Hot seat? "I'm not sitting down right now, so there's nothing hot."

12:34 p.m. CT: The inevitable basketball school question. "I'm selling our basketball program. ... We want to hitch our wagon to our basketball program." I'm sure John Calipari would be happy to have you along notatall.

12:29 p.m. CT: A writer asks Joker Phillips if the SEC should expand further. Because he decides these things

12:25 p.m. CT: Joker Phillips wants to be like Wisconsin. No, I don't think Kentucky could score 80 points on Indiana no matter what the chart says. Unless it's basketball. Oh, wait a minute ...