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SEC Media Days 2012: Live Blogging John L Smith, AKA Slappy

11:09 a.m. CT: Part of me wants to ask, "Coach Smith, can you assure us that you will not hire your mistress?" just to see what he would say

11 a.m. CT: Actual question: "Would you like to be the Arkansas coach for more than one year?" Smith: "Well, certainly, do I look stupid"

10:59 a.m. CT: John L Smith is asked if the offseason has been "surreal." He laughs

10:55 a.m. CT: John L Smith: "Our goal is to win in Miami." But, but -- Mississippi State is going to win the national championship this year

10:52 a.m. CT: John L Smith says he feels blessed to be here. Especially given the alternative of Big Sky Media Days. (I might have added the last part there.)