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SEC Media Days 2012: Live Blogging Gary Pinkel, Coach of the Other Other Tigers

3:49 p.m. CT: Done. No one asks Pinkel what it's like to answer questions from reporters from a real conference.

3:42 p.m. CT: Pinkel dodges question on where to eat in Columbia (MO). Smart man

3:42 p.m. CT: Hasn't given much thought to who might be Missouri's rivals in the SEC

3:37 p.m. CT: Someone just asked Pinkel if this was like going from JV to varsity. Really. THEY PLAY SISSY FOOTBALL IN THEM THERE BIG 12

3:33 p.m. CT: "To say that [the fans] are excited about us being in the SEC would be an understatement." He says this in a flawless monotone

3:27 p.m. CT: Pinkel does have a sense of humor. He's asked about Saban. "First of all, he's older than me. I want to make that very clear."

3:23 p.m. CT: Pinkel talks about "so many good football teams in the SEC." These new guys have the talking points down pat.