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It's Good to Be Rich Brooks

College football head coaches' Twitter accounts are a decidedly mixed bag. Some, like James Franklin's, are nothing but a stream of recruiting messages designed to get fans and unspecified high school players fired up. Some, like Hugh Freeze's, are little more than a collection of granted fan requests for retweets. Will Muschamp's is typical of most, as it's obvious that it's run by an athletic department staffer, while John L. Smith's is basically a photo blog of the facilities upgrades at Arkansas.

My favorite coach to follow is former Oregon and Kentucky head coach Rich Brooks. The main reason why I find it entertaining is because the guy is living a dream life. Everything you could hope for in your retirement, Brooks already has. Let's take a look at how his spring and summer have been going.

I'll bet it was from one of his line of commemorative bottles. Keeneland is a horse track, by the way. He made a visit the following day:

This is about as depressing as his Twitter feed gets. His wife made some money but he didn't.

Brooks has a large family, and he seems to spend a lot of time with them. It'd be awesome to have Rich Brooks as your grandfather.

This seems to be what he mostly does with his time: fishing and golfing. At least, that's what he tweets about the most.

One of his projects this year is building an beautiful, enormous house on a golf course in California. Also, he seems to win more money than he loses while playing golf.

He hangs a lot with old coaching buddies like legendary BYU head coach LaVell Edwards. I can only imagine the stories they tell.

This is the view from his house in Oregon. It's amazing, of course.

These were his companions while watching the Olympic track and field trials in Eugene: the founder of Nike, a Super Bowl winning coach, and royalty.

I'm not a fishing expert, but 45 caught (even if split between two people) sounds like a heck of a day at the river.

This is what he's up to right now. He's tweeting pictures of his Alaskan cruise, celebrating his 50th anniversary (an amazing achievement) with his whole family.

If I have a quarter of the life that Rich Brooks leads in my retirement, I'll be doing well.