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Sprints Plans Its Weekend Around the Super Regionals // 06.05.12

Mike Zunino, your No. 3 pick in the 2012 MLB Draft.
Mike Zunino, your No. 3 pick in the 2012 MLB Draft.

Times announced for SEC super regionals
There was no suspense as to the sites of the SEC teams -- three of the teams that advanced were national seeds, and the other was paired with a national seed that won its regional. So the times and the TV networks were the big deal, and here they are.

No. 7 LSU vs Stony Brook: 12 p.m. ET Friday (ESPN2), 12 p.m. ET Saturday (ESPN2), 1 p.m. ET Sunday (ESPN2)
No. 1 Florida vs. N.C. State: 2 p.m. Saturday (ESPNU), 1 p.m. Sunday (ESPNU), 1 p.m. Monday (ESPN2)
Arkansas at No. 4 Baylor: 5 p.m. ET Saturday (ESPNU), 4 p.m. ET Sunday (ESPNU), 4 p.m. ET Monday (ESPN2)
No. 8 South Carolina vs. Oklahoma: 8 p.m. ET (ESPNU), 7 p.m. ET Sunday (ESPNU), 7 p.m. ET Monday (ESPN2)

Meanwhile, in the MLB Draft ...
You don't hear as much about this as you do about the NFL Draft, in part because no one pays billions of dollars to broadcast college and high-school baseball games and in part because few of these player see the majors any time in the next two years. But there were a few SEC players selected in the first round:

3. MARINERS: Mike Zunino, Florida
4. ORIOLES: Kevin Gausman, LSU
20. GIANTS: Chris Stratton, Mississippi State
31. RED SOX: Brian Johnson, Florida

Your draft tracker is here.

Hooray! Another game against the ACC! And it's in Shreveport!
The SEC is going back to the Independence Bowl, which means that the conference will now face the ACC in three different postseason games. This is getting as tired as the B1G matchups, except that the B1G is actually a functional football conference. The SEC still has no bowl game against the Pac-12, which is pathetic, and here's the kicker.

The Independence Bowl opening became available when the Mountain West opted to take an available opening in the Armed Forces Bowl, which previously had a tie in with BYU. The Cougars, who were contracted to the Armed Forces Bowl in 2011, have an agreement with the Poinsettia Bowl in 2012 and the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in 2013.

That's right, the SEC is taking over at the Independence Bowl after the Mountain West decided they didn't want anything to do with Shreveport any more. There's no way to spin that as a positive.

Berstresser back for Missouri
The hit-and-not-run-far-enough charge ends up being a misdemeanor.

The B1G agrees that there should be a college football postseason. Of some kind
I'm not even sure that the B1G knows what it's talking about with the postseason any more. In the space of a conference call with reporters Monday, Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman managed to make it sound like the B1G was in favor of the current BCS, a plus-one system and a four-team playoff -- all at the same time.

"We think that in many respects, (the current system is) as good as you could do, with obviously some changes about automatic qualifying and perhaps how the top two teams are selected," he said. "But we're also realistic. That doesn't seem to be one that has gotten a lot of support, and that some movement is necessary." ...

While it prefers the plus-one model, the conference seems willing to listen to proposals for a playoff system. Either way, commissioner Jim Delany acknowledged, the current poll-based system is flawed. A selection committee might be an option in picking the postseason teams, Delany said.

Or maybe we could just draw names out of a hat. As long as the Rose Bowl is preserved.

And then there's Bo Pelini

"I think they should go back to the old system, but that will never happen," Pelini said.

When did the B1G become a banana republic?