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Commissioners Come to Secret Consensus on Playoff Proposal

It sounds like the intel from this morning was wrong because the conference commissioners who are working on postseason format proposals announced that they have come to a consensus on a single four-team playoff model. They refuse to say what that consensus is, naturally.

When you don't know a detail about the administrative side of college football these days, you turn to's Brett McMurphy. He has a source (and concurrently, so does SI's Stewart Mandel) saying that the favored proposal right now is best four teams with a selection committee that will give emphasis to conference championships. That it's a best-four-teams model explains why Mike Slive says he's delighted about it.

There's a lot else we still don't know, though. The selection process is up in the air, even if the commissioners like a committee for now. They also didn't even mention a potential revenue split proposal today as far as I've seen, something that will be even more contentious than the playoff structure.

All of this is leading up to a June 26 meeting of the BCS presidential oversight committee. Those presidents will make the final call, and, as that meeting will be only four hours long, it is unlikely that they will settle on something on that day. The Big Ten and Pac-12 still want a plus one discussed, and so it will be. However unless those presidents want their offices stormed by fans wielding torches and pitchforks, we'll end up with a playoff in the end.