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Sprints Supports the MAC Looking Out for Less Prestigious Conferences // 06.15.12

Unless, of course, you play in the B1G.
Unless, of course, you play in the B1G.

Slow period
Yeah, I know I haven't been the best blogger lately. Most of this is because I traveled to Atlanta for the birth of my nephew, whose middle name is Bryant. My sister, an Alabama fan, has assured my brother-in-law and the rest of us that she did not solely choose that name for the reasons you might think. Then, she informed us all that she would nickname the child "bear." Draw your own conclusions about that.

You would think
The attorney for Desmonte Leonard -- the accused Auburn shooter -- wants the trial moved out of Lee County, where Auburn is located, for relatively obvious reasons.

The MAC: Leading the way for lesser baseball leagues. Like the B1G
Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows that I find it amusing to no end that the B1G's Omaha drought has continued at the same time that Stony Brook and Kent State are exploding the "we play in the North" excuse advanced by Jim Delany. Kent State coach Scott Stricklin addressed that today.

"It is possible to get here (as a Northern team). For two teams to do it this year is ironic because of the steam that was coming around with that argument. It does put some holes in that. We're thrilled to represent the North, and we hope it opens a lot of doors for some other schools."

You know, like the Up North Conference. Maybe the B1G can aspire to be like the MAC some day.

Lane Burroughs leaves Mississippi State baseball for Northwestern State
He's moving to a head coaching job and could be back in the conference soon. No fewer than three current SEC head coaches have gone through the Southland Conference schools during their careers.

Dan Mullen, punching down
When Louisiana Tech's head coach suggests that the Bulldogs' players are just as good as, um, the Bulldogs' players -- in this case, Mississippi State's -- the smart move is to just let it go and hope people laugh off the comparison between a WAC roster and an SEC roster. Dan Mullen did not decide to do this.

"I guess if the players are equal we must have better coaches here at Mississippi State since we won," Mullen said in jest. "But they are a very good football team. Sonny does a great job with their program."

At the same time, Mullen might want to save the other part of Sonny Dykes' quote. While the Louisiana Tech head coach said the Ruston-based Bulldogs' players were "as good as" those for the Starkville-based version, he also said Louisiana Tech "had better players than [Ole Miss] did."

Godspeed, Hugh Freeze.

The NCAA continues to fight for those who don't want the NCAA fighting for them
There was an election this week in North Dakota which, unfortunately, paved the way for the Fighting Sioux to no longer be called the Fighting Sioux. This because the NCAA wants to make sure that colleges get rid off offensive team names -- even when no one ends up being really all that offended.

Voters statewide turned out in numbers not seen in a primary election for more than five decades, according to unofficial results, yet most members of the Standing Rock tribe took a pass. Sioux County, where much of the reservation is based, voted 184-159 to retire the University of North Dakota's nickname and Indian head logo.

That represented just 8 percent of county residents, 84 percent of whom are American Indians.

"By and large most people either don't care or support the name," Lyle Antelope, a member of the Standing Rock Sioux Indian Reservation, said Wednesday.

Thank goodness Mark Emmert is there to show that he knows what's best for these unfortunate people -- since they clearly do not know what's best for themselves.