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Arkansas Unveils New Uniforms

Arkansas has unveiled its new football uniforms for this fall. It's June, and nothing much is going on outside of college baseball. So yes, here's a uniforms post.

The lineup includes a red, a white, and a dark gray getup. These appear to match the leaked photos from a little while ago, so yes, there are gradients on the bottom of the numbers. In general, I think we all can agree that gradients should be avoided on uniforms. They work well on computer screens, but they're less pleasant on items of clothing. At least they're fairly subtle, preventing them from looking like a bad NBA All Star Game getup from anytime in the past two decades.

A more detailed look at the gray uniforms shows that they are a real dark gray, or "a fierce new anthracite" as the press release says. Therefore, they're technically not an extension of the black-uniforms-on-teams-that-don't-have-black-as-a-color trend. It's definitely along those same lines, though.

The team will have a red helmet and a white helmet, the latter of which allows the full stormtrooper effect to come to Fayetteville. John L. Smith gushes, "White on white is DYNOMITE!" While most of the promo photos show the jerseys and pants matching up, this one shows that the team might not always go with solid colors.

So there you have it. Arkansas isn't going full-on Oregon this fall, but Nike has given the team enough combinations for it to try to make its getups a weekly story.