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Sprints Thinks Kentucky Had a Pretty Bad Day // 05.04.12

So long.
So long.

Kentucky vs. Indiana is over
The Wildcats and the Hoosiers couldn't agree on whether to hold the game on campuses or at neutral sites -- the latter making more sense to Kentucky coaches, players and fans after terrible behavior by IU fans this past season -- and so the game will no longer be played at all.

Then again, when your sport practically brags about the fact that the regular season doesn't matter that much, it's hard not to wonder whether that mindset carries over to protecting major regular-season rivalries.

Florida 5, Kentucky 3
With the loss to the Gators, Kentucky now falls a half-game behind South Carolina -- which is really sort of a tie right now because of the Thursday night start to the game. The Gamecocks start their series with Arkansas today.

This could be good or this could be bad
The NCAA and Major League Baseball are moving toward a partnership that could result in more baseball scholarships and wooden bats -- both good things, in my humble opinion. But the question is what, if anything, MLB expects to get out of this; I'm an MLB fan, but I like my college baseball being a separate thing in terms of governance.

Also: Bud Selig. If the commissioner wants to do for college baseball what he did for the pros, count me out.

Because that always works
I've never really bought into the "if you have two, you have none" philosophy on quarterbacks, because the system does work sometimes. But it also doesn't work sometimes. And now Will Muschamp is betting that it will work at Florida.

Also in the spring game, quarterbacks Jacoby Brissett and Jeff Driskel took turns under center, a scenario that could materialize this fall.

"If we need to play two," Muschamp said, "we'll play two."

I would say best of luck with that, but that would be dishonest.

How about the Pac-12?
Some in St. Louis want to establish a bowl game, and their wish list would be the SEC and -- the Big Ten? Really? You do realize that we play something on the order of 15 bowl games against the Up North Conference each year, right?

A better idea that would probably generate more fan interest: the SEC vs. the Pac-12. St. Louis is close to the center of the country, making it an ideal location for a clash of a largely East Coast league against a largely West Coast league. Georgia vs. Oregon State. Auburn vs. Washington. Now those are some games that pop.

Adams officially retires
We knew it was coming, but this makes it final.

Coach will 'clarify' comments about Phillip Sims' transfer to Virginia
This should be interesting.

Conference USA adding five schools
Conference realignment does stop at some point, right? Today's news is that North Texas, Charlotte, Louisiana Tech and Florida International will join Texas-San Antonio in moving to C-USA. That's the conference that might or might not be merging with the Mountain West to form GinorMountafenceMERICAWest, or something like that.

I really like the pick-up of FIU for C-USA here. The school and its new leadership deserve a higher profile than the Sun Belt and FIU does give the conference a foothold in Miami. (Not much of one, but probably just as much as the Hurricanes give you, if we're being honest about it.)

The others? Louisiana Tech is coming off of its first WAC title since 2001, but the Bulldogs were largely a meh team in that conference and will more than likely be a meh team in C-USA even if they step things up a bit. North Texas has been dreadful in recent years, and we don't really know enough about UTSA or Charlotte -- whose team hasn't even taken the field yet -- to know whether they're going to improve the league.

Rooting for New Mexico State
If there's one program that everybody should be able to root for this season, it's the Aggies.

CTE researcher involved in Junior Seau autopsy
There's no way to tell if Seau -- one of the highest-profile NFL players to commit suicide -- could be a transformative case if he is found to have suffered from CTE. But if he is, one hopes it is to spark reform and not to lead to ill-placed calls for abolishing football.