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Sprints Doesn't Have Much to Talk About Today // 05.02.12

I'm just looking out for the fans, a'ight?
I'm just looking out for the fans, a'ight?

Now whyever would you think that, coach?
Nick Saban likes the idea of a four-team playoff, but -- surprise surprise -- he doesn't think it should be limited to conference champions. I've been racking my brain trying to think of any reason that the defending national champions would want to make sure that non-conference champions can play in the games.

The good of the sport, of course.

"What if the No. 1 team, the No. 7 team, the No. 11 team and the No. 17 team happened to be conference champions, you are not really getting the top four teams," he said. "I think what the fans want, and they've said it loud and clear, is they want to see the best teams play in some kind of playoff."

Even if one of those teams happened to not win its own division in part because it lost to one of the other teams in the playoff. Wink wink.

So does this mean he's on the hot seat?
The Mayor lays out the reasons for David Perno, the up and down (but mostly down) head coach for Georgia baseball, to be shown the door. Among them: Subpar recruiting, subpar retention, and the whole "not winning enough games" thing.

Who do you work for?
The WAC is apparently and predictably vowing to fight on, even though it really only has two teams left to fight for once Utah State and San Jose State leave the building. And that's assuming the two remaining teams -- New Mexico State and Idaho -- don't try to leave for the Sun Belt, which shows you right now what kind of a situation the league is in.

Again, you don't expect them to throw in the towel easily. But when there's nobody left to fight for, you have to stop and ask yourself why you're fighting.

Everyone has now gone crazy
The 49ers are joining Conference USA in the next phase of conference realignment. Really. And Myerberg recounts how that might overreacting just a touch.

Chris Leak is going to host a radio show
I'm honestly having trouble coming up with anything snarky to say about this. I ran out of Chris Leak jokes five years ago.