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Sprints Will Not Be Brainwashed by Obama's Call to Calipari // 04.04.12

No word on whether Calipari also got an update from the newest British basketball fan.
No word on whether Calipari also got an update from the newest British basketball fan.


Kentucky ranked No. 1 in the final coaches poll
Redundant? Yes.

If you can't stand Obama, skip this item
Still trying to figure out why people didn't like Obama talking about basketball during the national championship game -- he is the president, it's akin to when Bush was invited to the ESPN booth when the Nationals opened the baseball season a few years ago -- but for those who insist his involvement in the NCAA basketball tournament is some kind of plot to make us all Marxists, IT'S HAPPENED AGAIN.

Obama told Calipari that his team played with class and dignity in the championship game against Kansas and that it was a great game to watch, according to the news release.

Criticism of Calipari and Kentucky incoming from Rush Limbaugh in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ....

How do you define a Triple Crown?
Garnet And Black Attack runs the numbers on Triple Crowns, either by calendar year or academic year for those of you who prefer one approach. Personally, I think that the academic year makes more sense, if for no other reasons than basketball seasons run over parts of two years and that's how the NCAA counts things. Oh, and it is college sports.

John Grisham wrote a story for Sports Illustrated
And some basketball team is on the cover.

So the police say there were only 60 fires
And 50 arrests. Unless a few people were very eager beavers, the math doesn't quite work out there


Bobby Petrino back in practice
The story of the crash probably sounded a lot more boring in Petrino's monotone. in all seriousness, glad to see that it appears the Arkansas head coach will be okay.

North Florida 10, Florida 5
It looks like Florida is trying to do its part to make Kentucky the consensus No. 1. Baseball is the kind of game where any team can have an off night, but an SEC baseball team really shouldn't be losing to the Ospreys. Unless it's Alabama.

It's still the World Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party, by the way
Groo provides a great primer on the way Georgia got to drug and alcohol policies that supposedly put the Dawgs at a disadvantage. He also points to the difficulty of trying to fix the problem even if you take the position that it hurts Georgia.

Critics would certainly pounce on the timing – do you have standards only until the point that they begin to adversely affect the football program? We’re also talking about sanctioning drug use. That might not seem like such a big deal to many people, and it’s a reality of life on campus, but it’s possibly unacceptable to others who face zero-tolerance policies in their own daily lives.

If I disagree with Groo about something in the post, it's that this strikes me as exactly the kind of thing that the SEC should decide. Drug policies at practically every other level are handled by leagues, if for no other reason than to lessen the suspicions that tests or punishments are handed out selectively. There's no reason that SEC sports should be any different.

Sun rises in the east
Steve Spurrier is unhappy with his passing offense. More than twenty years after he entered the SEC, beat reporters still find this newsworthy for some strange reason.

I’m thinking about closing practices so you people don’t have to watch us try to throw and catch. I think we hit 1 out of 20 (in pass skeleton drill with no defensive rush). It was ugly. It was ugly. But anyway, I guess that’s why you practice. We’ve got to start throwing and catching better and see if we can look like a better passing team. I see why coaches close practice now. They don’t want people to see how bad they are, I guess.

More unique is the spin that from OL coach Shawn Elliott that it's not a big deal for the starting center to miss practice because "Elliott wants to get a look at younger players." Sure.

Mo Claiborne has a learning disability
If the person who leaked his score didn't feel like a terrible person for having done so in the first place, they should now. (HT: SBN)

They'll still be on plenty of SEC schedules
Georgia State football is moving up in the world, if by "up" you mean to membership in the Sun Belt Conference. Since the Sun Belt is nominally not an FCS conference, this technically counts as up. So now an SEC member can play the Panthers and not use their FCS slot! Hooray?