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Sprints is Experiencing Conference Realignment Reflux Disease This Morning // 04.18.12

Maybe they left the T-shirt design to the dog.
Maybe they left the T-shirt design to the dog.

It's really understandable to get confused at this point
Look at the Texas A&M shirt that was made to introduce the school. Now look at where Missouri would be. Ah, but the other other Tigers are new to the SEC, so an oversight would be easily understood.

Now look at where North Carolina is. There are no SEC schools in North Carolina. At least not yet. Unless --


The shirts have been recalled. As you might expect.

Missouri also announcing new ticket policies for SEC move
The Eastern Division Tigers hope to sell 45,000 season tickets.

GinorMountainUSAConferenceMERICA appears dead for now
Brett McMurphy over at CBS is reporting that the massive merger between Conference USA and the Mountain West is "unlikely," though some of the schools are contractually bound to form an association of some sort. Because there aren't enough of those in college football already.

Five Kentucky players leave for the NBA Draft
Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't five players an entire basket-ball team? Or at least the part that's allowed on the court at the same time?

The most publicized resignation of a student-athlete development coordinator in history
Jessica Dorrell has stepped aside at Arkansas, to the surprise of no one who breathes.

Bobby Petrino firing leads Arkansas student to life of crime
Either that, or Tyler Gilbert was dumb enough on his own to help with an apartment break-in. This led to his arrest, as such behavior is generally frowned upon in polite society.

Furman 5, Georgia 4
The most confounding team in SEC baseball just got more confusing.

Ole Miss 6, Mississippi State 3
The Governor's Cup goes to the Rebel Black Bears.

Thoughts and prayers: The family of Layton Rouse
The first man to have his number retired by Kentucky's basketball team has died.

Some form of possible changes to spring football that might occur in the future could be discussed
But it's not clear what the changes are that might (or might not) be discussed by coaches meeting next month. College football writers appear to have hit the dry spell early this year.