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Sprints Watches Its Step Near the Crystal Football // 04.17.12

Fragile. In case you needed some sort of a reminder of that.
Fragile. In case you needed some sort of a reminder of that.

This is almost certainly not part of the process
The parent of one Alabama player is likely in the witness protection program tonight after being the unfortunate gentleman who tripped and sent Alabama's latest crystal football tumbling to the ground. Nothing like this ever happened when it went to Wal-Mart.

Charley Green, who manages the coaches' trophy, proves that there is someone who has thought about this more than you ever will.

"We use a temporary adhesive called museum gel to keep the crystal from falling off its pegs," he said. "We do provide that substance to winning schools, along with a page of assembly instructions. But we have no way of knowing whether the schools use the gel."

The university will replace the crystal football, but Nick Saban has already moved on, because he doesn't have time for that ...

Mike Slive: Stupid idea stupid
Mike Slive has turned understatement into an art form, and he would like to remind you of that as he comments on the three-semifinal proposal that the B1G has put forward for college football's postseason.

"It's not one of my favorites," Slive said Monday at a roundtable of conference commissioners during a Associated Press Sports Editors meeting at the Alabama Sports Hall of Fame. "I think what we're trying to do is simplify in many ways, and I don't think that adds to the simplification of the postseason."

There's really a common strain that runs through this and the nonsensical baseball "feelings" College World Series proposal that Jim Delany has hatched: They would both make certain that the B1G is important, whether the conference deserves to be or not.

Under this scenario, a B1G team that isn't even in the Top 5 could still affect the outcome of the national championship race if that team faced a Pac-12 team that is in the running during the Rose Bowl. And the baseball proposal is all about making it almost certain that a B1G team gets to Omaha.

Special treatment for the B1G in one sport, pursuing some gauzy notion of "equality" in the other. Whatever fits the B1G's aim on the corresponding day of the week.

I think they're a bit excited about the move
Texas A&M is having to plan new ways of distributing tickets to deal with the demand from entering the SEC.

Wonder what that's all about
John Calipari will join Anthony Davis, Terrence Jones, Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, Doron Lamb and Marcus Teague for a press conference today at 2 p.m. ET. I know -- HE'S GOING TO SIGN A CONTRACT WITH THE KNICKS AND THE PLAYERS WILL SEE HIM OFF.

Welcome to Columbia, Frank Martin
At this point, Frank Martin might be all that's left of the Gamecocks basketball team. Damontre Harris is transferring, leaving South Carolina with one full-time starter from this past year.

Garnet And Black Attack calls it an 'existential crisis'
Really, for Gamecock fans, that's taking it quite well.

A reorganization at Tennessee
Thoughts and prayers to the families of the 17 athletics department employees who will lose their job in the change.

Gary O'Danielson that early in the morn? I'm not sure I can take it
Notre Dame and Navy are playing their Sept. 1 game in Dublin, Ireland, which leads to a bit of a time difference. The game will kick off at 2 p.m. local time, which is 9 a.m. Eastern. Nine. a. m. College football should not be played this early -- ever. If they want to watch our game, they need to do it at a time that is convenient for us. Like noon.