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Texas A&M's Options for Kyle Field Include Demolition

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One reason why Texas A&M is looking forward to the big payday it'll get from being in the SEC is that its home stadium of Kyle Field needs some work. I've always liked watching it on TV, particularly listening to announces freak out as the structure sways as the fans inside it do, but it has been showing its age of late.

The school has several options for proceeding with improvements. They stretch from merely renovating the facility piece-by-piece to building a new stadium nearby to even demolishing the whole thing and rebuilding on the same site. According to a Houston Chronicle source, none of these really leads over the others because it really and truly is early in the process. A&M has hired an architect, but it won't make a final decision until it knows the costs of the alternatives.

The demolition option is the most eye-grabbing, and it certainly is doable given how many other football stadiums there are in the state of Texas. College Station is almost at the center of a triangle made up of Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio, which could supply Reliant Stadium, Cowboys Stadium, and the Alamodone as alternate sites. That's not to say that knocking down Kyle Field is probable, of course. A&M president Bowen Loftin has said to local business leaders that he is fully cognizant of the economic impact of no football in the city for a year, and AD Bill Byrne said that renovating the current facility is what he thinks is most likely.

Redoing Kyle Field is just one of several college football stadium improvements going on the the area. TCU imploded a good portion of its stadium in December of 2010 for renovations due to be completed this year, and Baylor recently unveiled plans for a gorgeous new stadium thanks to a large gift from Houston Astros owner Drayton McLane.