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Sprints is Taking Your Team's Spring Game with a Large Grain of Salt // 04.16.12

Of course, Jeff Long could probably clear this all up by hiring someone.
Of course, Jeff Long could probably clear this all up by hiring someone.

(Team A) played its annual spring game
The (offense / defense) looked solid, even though the (defense / offense) obviously wasn't having the best of days. The quarterback threw (insert number here) interceptions during the game, but that was more a sign of a good day by the (quarterback / secondary) than a bad day by the (secondary / quarterback). Keep in mind that (the rules were slanted toward the offense / the coaches obviously didn't want to show off all their offensive plays during the game), so don't read too much into the fact that (the defense couldn't have gotten to the quarterback with the aid of a Mack truck / the offense looked like as graceful as an intoxicated elephant).

Yes, spring games are important. But I've gotten to the point that I read very little significance into the results or what the team looks like on the field. After all, they're playing against the same team. So that might mean that one part of your team is strong, as long as you account for the fact that the other part of your team might not be.

Garrick McGee is interested in the Arkansas head coaching job
I'm sick enough of coaches who issue non-denial denials and then act exasperated when their names continue to come up. When they're arrogant enough to do the same and then lecture reporters who dare to ask about it, I'm just going to start dispensing with the niceties and say they're interested. Because otherwise they would just say "no."

I am not to interested in speaking about my dealings with any other university. I really enjoy the job that I have. I trust the kids, I think they have bought into what I'm thinking about. My family loves the city and I'm not interested in talking about me or my employment with any other university.

So it's a no comment, which means that McGee is not ruling himself out for the Arkansas job. Therefore, he's interested. Turns out we didn't need to listen to McGee in the first place.

Steve Mariucci is interested in the Arkansas head coaching job
Just following my new policy. Hope Coach McGee is proud.

Missouri, we need to talk
This is not something the newspaper in your hometown should do if you want to fit in the SEC. Ever.

Any hope that they bring back the snazzy, old-school helmets?
Mississippi State is going to mark the "Snow Bowl" with white uniforms when Texas A&M comes for a visit later this year. I'm not normally one for throwback uniforms, but count me among the fans if they bring back the interlocking MSU helmets.

Offense still down in college baseball this year
The BBCOR bats appear to be accomplishing their purpose. Backlash pending.

Thoughts and prayers
To Tevin Holliman and Ricardo Singh, a pair of Western Kentucky football players shot over the weekend.