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SEC Tournament Day 2 Briefing

Today's game between Ole Miss and Tennessee has a lot on the line.
Today's game between Ole Miss and Tennessee has a lot on the line.


All times Eastern; all games on SEC Network

1:00 - #8 LSU vs. #1 Kentucky

3:30 - #5 Alabama vs. #4 Florida

7:30 - #7 Ole Miss vs. #2 Tennessee

10:00 - #11 Georgia vs. #3 Vanderbilt

Team with the Most to Gain: Ole Miss/Tennessee winner

As documented earlier this morning, there seems to be some disagreement as to whether Ole Miss or Tennessee is in better shape for sneaking into the tournament as an at large team. Regardless of who is ahead of who at the moment, the loser of their game is most assuredly NIT-bound. I still have a feeling that the likely scenario is that neither of these teams makes the field of 68, but you never know for sure what can happen on Selection Sunday.

Team with the Most to Lose: Florida and Vanderbilt

As long as I'm discussing two teams for the other category, I'll pick two teams for this one as well. Depending on who you ask, Florida is anywhere from a 5-seed to a 7-seed right now, while Vanderbilt is probably in the 6-seed to 7-seed range. A loss to Georgia is obviously worse than a loss to Alabama, but both teams would do well to win today. They're in danger of falling down to the 8/9-seed range, which comes with a matchup with a 1-seed in the second round. That's not a place you want to be. Being a 7-seed isn't a heck of a lot better, but just consider that more 10-seeds have made the Sweet 16 than 8-seeds and 9-seeds combined.

How Kentucky Will Win Today: Like an avalanche flowing down a mountain, flattening everything in its path.