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Sprints is in the Calm Before the Storm // 3.08.12

"Psst: don't tell my team, but I know we're a guaranteed 1-seed. I just need to pretend like we're not for motivaiton."
"Psst: don't tell my team, but I know we're a guaranteed 1-seed. I just need to pretend like we're not for motivaiton."

Bubble action? I'd not even call it fizzy.

Here's your latest bracketology update, where not a whole lot changed. The midweek action so far has mostly been one-bid conference tournaments and early rounds of the Big East Tournament, so really only the latter changed anything. Today is really the point when everything heats up.

This week in obviousness.

Selection committee chair Jeff Hathaway says that Kentucky and Syracuse, both 30-1 heading into conference tournament play, are basically guaranteed 1-seeds. He also said that the committee considers injuries and suspensions while making the bracket. That fact could affect seeding for Florida (the former, given Will Yeguete) and Alabama (the latter, given Tony Mitchell).

Meet the new boss, very different from the old boss.

Bruce Feldman wrote a fascinating piece about new Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin and his quest to reshape Aggie football. It covered everything from remodeling the football complex to redoing the defensive scheme to make it more suitable to the team's new conference. Apparently, T. Boone Pickensland at Oklahoma State is the gold standard of football facilities in that region of the country.

Geaux Meaux.

Here's some more on LSU's Mo Isom attempting to become a kicker on the football team. Les Miles seems pretty receptive to she joining the team if she's good enough, and citing her history of playing team sports, Miles said, "I would have much less reservations with her than I would any number of other people that frankly didn't know what they were getting into."

According to the trolling-est LSU beat writer, Isom's value might actually be found on a regular basis on kickoffs rather than the occasional novelty extra point. Determining whether that particular insight is valid or not is an exercise left up to the reader.

Something to look forward to.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott thinks that we're months away from any firm details on any possible football postseason changes. Apparently somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 proposals have been submitted for consideration, so the power brokers can't even begin to form a consensus until that pile is whittled down.

Incidentally, Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany is also on board (with Scott and the Big 12's Chuck Neinas) with the idea of keeping any plus one to only conference champions. It's not hard to figure out why. Given the conference consolidation of the past couple years, the plus one will end up having the champs of the SEC, Big Ten, Big 12, and Pac-12 every year except when Boise State and Virginia Tech crash the party every so often. Allowing teams that aren't conference champs could let a second SEC team eat up another spot in the bracket.

Not technically sports, but you won't be sorry.

Today, you can get a free movie rental from the Redbox kiosks you see all over the place. If this works like their other free rental coupon code (DVDONME), then it's actually a free rental for every credit/debit card you have. Um, here's the, uh, sports angle: go rent Moneyball. There. It was about sports.