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Sprints Still Has to Draw a Few Lines // 03.12.12

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Sine Die! (Sorta)
The 2012 legislative session in Florida is over. Long live the 2012 redistricting session in Florida! Yes, our Senate went and drew lines that didn't comply in the Florida Supreme Court's eyes with the state's new constitutional redistricting standards. So there will be another session beginning Wednesday. That said, it shouldn't be as hectic as the regular session was -- though nothing is guaranteed or particularly sensible in the Florida Legislature, so we'll see. Long story short, you can either celebrate or bemoan the fact that you will be hearing a lot more from yours truly from here on out.

It could be worse: Your coach could always be Darrin Horn
Mississippi State basketball fans are not exactly what you would call happy people right now.

There's a segment of fans who only care about the Sweet 16, and that's fine. But I think at least half of the #FireStansbury crowd wouldn't be there if not for the above paragraph. We can live with a team that competes night in and night out, that gives their all. And we can live with bad attitudes and selfishness if it produces a Top 10 team. The problem is: we aren't getting either.

All I can say in support is: #freedarrinhorn and #freerickstansbury.

Closely only counts ...
But Mississippi State was right there in terms of being one of the top 70 teams in the nation. That has to count for something to the fans, right?

Will, don't answere the phone
It's no secret that Will Muschamp had a difficult first year in Gainesville. But don't wait -- there's someone here to help.

Zook even reached out to Muschamp, who naturally took some criticism from spoiled Gator fans after he went 7-6 in his inaugural season.

"Will is a good guy and a good football coach," Zook says. "You just have to give him a chance to recruit and get his people in there. The program is not where it should be from a talent standpoint. Anything I can do to help him, I'll do because I don't want to see happen to him what happened to me."

As a South Carolina fan, I hope Muschamp takes every bit of advice the Zooker is willing to give him.

If it doesn't work out, Alabama would probably welcome her
A LSU female hit two 50-yard field goals in an attempt to become a walk-off for the Tigers. Les Miles said she's not likely to make the team. She really should give Nick Saban a call.

Pac-12 leaders eye switch from BCS to playoff system
In case you were wondering whether the uproar for a playoff from other parts of the nation was really all about LSU and Alabama playing each other in the national title game ...

Leaders of the Pac-12 Conference agreed in principle Saturday to try to end college football's Bowl Championship Series, proposing its replacement with a playoff system that would allow only conference winners to play for college football's national title.

Only conference winners. Hmm, why on earth would anyone think to make such a stipulation on a playoff? Of course, there's also that other catch in the Pac-12's proposal.

However, the Pac-12 chief executives want to protect the iconic Rose Bowl's status as an elite postseason game in which only representatives from the Pac-12 and Big Ten conferences play. In a playoff scenario, it might or might not be one of the playoff games.

You don't need me to point out where this is going, right?

The Big East takes Temple back again
Remember back when the Big East had Miami and Virginia Tech and West Virginia and -- well, you get the point. The conference could be picky and kick out members like Temple. Not so much any more. Cue unintentionally hilarious statement.

"This is arguably the greatest day in the history of Temple Athletics," athletic director Bill Bradshaw said in a statement.

No league should really take any team that considers joining the Big East the greatest day in the history of the program. Except, of course, the Big East itself.

As for the MAC, which went to a lot of trouble to get to 14 teams and find a way to fix its 13-team scheduling headache -- is now back to 13.