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SEC Puts Four Teams in March Madness, Join the TSK Bracket Contest

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It was looking like, at times this year, that the SEC would get up to six teams in March Madness, but the conference will have to settle for four.

Kentucky earned the No. 1 overall seed despite its loss to Vanderbilt today in the SEC Tournament final. It heads up the South (Catlanta) regional and will play its first weekend games in Louisville. There are plenty of potential story lines for the 'Cats, with a possible rematch with 4-seed Indiana in the Sweet 16 and a historic showdown with 2-seed Duke in the Elite Eight. Baylor is the region's 3-seed.

Vanderbilt got the 5-seed in the East (Boston) regional. Prepare for a million nerd jokes because the Commodores will face Harvard in the first round in Albuquerque, New Mexico. If they survive the 5/12 curse, they'll get the winner of 4-seed Wisconsin and 13-seed Montana. Syracuse is the top seed in the region, with Ohio State the 2-seed and Florida State the 3-seed.

Florida meanwhile got the 7-seed in the West (Phoenix) regional. They'll take on Virginia in the first round in Omaha, Nebraska and will more than likely get 2-seed Missouri in the second round. The top seed in that region is Michigan State, a school the Gators know well from a number of battles over the years. Marquette is the 3-seed in the region, and Louisville is the 4-seed.

Finally, Alabama made it into the Midwest (St. Louis) region as a 9-seed. They'll get Creighton in the first round in a game played in Greensboro, North Carolina. If that sounds forbidding, it should. The Tide, should it win, will get 1-seed UNC in the second round. Kansas is the 2-seed in the region, Georgetown is the 3-seed, and Michigan is the 4-seed.

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