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Sprints Will Not Let Rivalries Die Without a Fight // 02.07.12

Hugh Freeze shrugs off Dan Mullen's potential shot -- for now
Whether he can keep it up better than Houston Nutt remains to be seen.

I heard people talk about it, but I haven’t seen it. I haven’t met coach Mullen and I don’t know why he would. You would have to ask him if he meant that toward me.

I hope Freeze is right that Mullen wasn't taking a shot. Knocknig someone over their faith is never cool.

Jarrett Lee thinks he is a 21-point quarterback
Yes, the former pick-six machine is just as confused as the rest of us about why Les Miles didn't put him into the game. I'm not sure that it would have made quite the difference Lee seems to think it would have made.

"I don't know what happened. Obviously, the coaches had a reason for doing what they did. As a player, you have to respect that. But there were some players and plays that could have helped us win."

Lee denies any of the LSU locker room disarray rumors, which should be at least minimally comforting for LSU fans. Sort of.

'And if that doesn't work, we can always secede'
South Carolinians have never been fans off outside events affecting what goes on within the state's borders. Football is unsurprisingly no exception. So before an expanded ACC and SEC get any ideas about junking the South Carolina-Clemson rivalry, beware -- the South Carolina Legislature stands ready to thwart your diabolical and nonexistent plan.

"I had a constituent bring it up to me, asking whether it was state law that these two teams play. It's not," said Ballentine, a 1992 USC graduate. "With all the conference realignment, we just wanted to make sure this annual game continues."

The universities are opposed, hopefully just because that's what universities do. But it might be best to pass the measure, just to be safe.

Derek Dooley's solution to a leadership gap? Madden. The video game
This is actually a couple of days old, but it's too good to pass up. Derek Dooley is a heck of a lot less irritating than Lane Kiffin, but he's just as entertaining.

Since we've knocked around Junior a couple of times lately ...
Here's something that Tennessee fans should be able to appreciate. The computers say that the Vols have a solid chance at an 8-4 season, even if they don't pick up winnable upsets against Florida, Georgia and South Carolina.

The Bulldog mascot GIF is still priceless
Garnet And Black Attack gets an interview with Melvin Ingram as he gets ready for the NFL Draft. Yes, the fake punt against Georgia was his favorite play of the season.

Mark Emmert lobbying colleges on four-year scholarships
Just to make it clear, because it apparently wasn't from my Sprints post: It is a complicated issue, but I generally think that four-year scholarships are a good idea and should probably mandatory. (I just don't think that blaming coaches for using the current system in a justifiable way is far. And, yes, I still think it's justifiable.)

Once the NFL starts gunning for our Thursday nights, that's war.

The Tebow Party
If you think ESPN focuses on Tim Tebow way too much, just wait until he becomes a hero for Fox News, cannon fodder for MSNBC and a ratings driver for CNN. Because Tebow isn't ruling out a bid for public office.

For me, it could be something in my future. It’s something I’ll have to think about and pray about. I have no idea right now, but possibly.

Which is pretty much exactly what you would say if you want to run for office someday. You have to be willing to run without looking like you really want to run, or so the consultants always tell us.

Oh, and not to say I told you, but yeah.