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Sprints Is Changing Rules and Looking at Rankings // 02.13.12

More rule talk. Because everyone loves discussing NCAA rules.

Last week brought news of the NCAA proposing new rules about player safety. This week brings news of it looking to slim down its gargantuan rule book.

Rules that potentially could be changing soon include allowing players in good academic standing to play right away after transferring, deregulating athlete housing (which could bring back athletic dorms), allowing coaches to publicly discuss recruits prior to them signing an NLI, letting schools have more leeway in providing financial help to players' family members who are sick or injured, and various other changes that relax a lot of the rules surrounding recruiting.

These proposals all generally look good to me, though I'm not thrilled with the idea of coaches discussing recruits before they sign. The NCAA has trended towards trying to exert more control and influence over athletes' lives in the past, so it's good to see it scaling back. I think these kinds of measures will ultimately help the NCAA's mission, as the fewer rules there are, the easier it is to focus on the ones that really are important.

Slip slidin' away.

The latest SBN Bracketology is out, and it's not a good one for the SEC. Kentucky is still a No. 1 seed, however every other team from the league has fallen from last time. The next-best seeded team from the conference is 7-seed Florida, who plummets after being upended by Tennessee over the weekend. Vanderbilt and Mississippi State clock in as 8-seeds, while Alabama squeaks in as a 12-seed.

Check out the new S-curve, if you're into that kind of thing.

Ranking the boys of summer.

Our friends at Garnet and Black Attack have ranked the SEC's baseball teams for this season. Florida is on top, followed by South Carolina, Vanderbilt, and Arkansas. The last SEC baseball season with 12 teams begins on Friday.

No changes to the SEC recruiting rankings.

The last big-name football recruit to declare his intentions was Maryland WR Stefon Diggs. He chose to stay at home at play for the Terps after having considered Florida, Auburn, and Ohio State. We'll keep you updates if and when he becomes the latest local kid to transfer away from Randy Edsall.

Yes, you can complain about the cold.

When the only Canadian-born current SEC football player that I know of is comparing the weather to that of his homeland, then yes, you can feel free to grouse about this cold snap all you want.