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Reports of Mike Gundy to Arkansas Shot Down

Reports bubbled up all over the place suggesting that Oklahoma State's Mike Gundy is preparing to take the Arkansas head coaching job. More reports say he's not.

Donald Miralle

This post has been updated. Skip to the end to see the latest information.

Arkansas's Jeff Long might have found his man in Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy. Reports are coming out all over the place suggesting that something may be happening soon on that front:

Two of these are hedged, so I'm not ready to stamp this with the "done deal" tag just yet. However, there's enough out there to think this really could be happening.

It would be a surprising move to see Gundy bail on OSU for, well, anywhere. He's an alumnus of Oklahoma State, the program is enjoying one of its best stretches ever, and superbooster T. Boone Pickens will keep the place flush with cash as long as his oil money doesn't run out. However, his relationship with AD Mike Holder reportedly is not good after a rocky contract negotiation last year and disagreements about scheduling.

Gundy replaced Les Miles as head coach in Stillwater in 2005. He has a 66-35 record there with a conference title in 2011. OSU has only five 10+ win seasons in its history, and Gundy was involved in four of them either as a coach or a player. And yes, here's the obligatory video (2:22 is what you're looking for):


So another ADG reporting is contradicting the one above...

Here's one more from Oklahoma. Yeah, I don't know what's going on either.


So I guess it's not happening, then.