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A Few Pre-BlogPoll Ballot Questions

I haven't quite had a chance to fill out my ballot before now, so let's get some input on the front end this week

Sam Greenwood

I didn't have time to put together a proposed BlogPoll ballot just yet, but I figured I would try to get some input on the front end rather than ask for it afterward. (Idea borrowed from Garnet And Black Attack.) So here are a few things I can see myself wrestling with later today:

Florida vs. Georgia. My first instinct with this one on pure resume grounds is to go with Florida over Georgia. Florida has wins over LSU, Texas A&M and South Carolina, and Georgia doesn't. But I'm open to hearing people who think there's a case to go the other way; I don't think it's a slam dunk.

Does Vanderbilt deserve to be ranked yet? I've been turning the idea over in my head a little bit. The resume is kind of weak and I'm inclined to wait at least until they win the bowl game and get to nine wins.A

Ohio State and the rest of the B1G. Ohio State is undefeated -- but, oof, that schedule. And what was arguably their best win, destroying Nebraska, just got replicated by Wisconsin. So where do I put Ohio State? Should Michigan be ranked? Should any other B1G team (including Nebraska) even get consideration?

NIU and other non-AQs. I was really impressed by NIU when I got to watch them for an extended period, basically for the first time, on Friday. But I'm not sure how high a schedule with a loss to Iowa belongs on the rankings. Or whether to rank Kent State or Utah State.

Louisville? I'm just not sure that the Cardinals deserve to be ranked, but they'll probably be in the mix at some point.