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Derek Dooley Is Keeping Himself Busy

The fired Tennessee coach may have lost his job, but he hasn't lost his sense of humor.

Grant Halverson

Derek Dooley isn't letting unemployment get him down. Of course him being a millionaire even before his severance package kicks in should keep his spirits up.

Anyway, he's taken to his long-dormant Twitter account to let us all know how things have been going in the month since Dave Hart relieved him of his duties.

So call him Derek Letterman, then? Not mentioned yet: ironing his collection of size XXXL polo shirts.

Tennessee may not have been able to snare Jon Gruden, but Jon Gruden did pick up Dooley. Figures.

The former Vols head football coach is clowning on Clay Travis. Let that and all it entails sink in for a moment.

I wonder how Sal Sunseri feels about this one. Major points to Dooley, though, for being a Publix shopper.

On a serious note, I wonder if anything would have played out differently had UT won those two games. Probably not, but you never know.

That's as far as he's gotten. Apparently Dooley didn't prepare this list ahead of time or doesn't get the generally rapid nature of Twitter. Or maybe, he is exercising good etiquette by not bombing his followers' feeds. In any event, it's very rare to see a head coach actually express a personality. It's a lot of fun too.