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SEC Championship Game Halftime Score: Alabama 10, Georgia 7

The game has so far come down to the best and worst of Aaron Murray. The Dawgs need more of the former to come back in this one

Mike Ehrmann

In a game where quarterback errors have mattered even more than you might think, this game has so far come down to Aaron Murray's best and worst throws. And the latter has given Alabama more of an advantage for now.

One of Murray's best throws was the 19-yard touchdown strike to Jay Rome, which made Georgia the only team to score first against Alabama other than LSU and Texas A&M -- both teams that led Alabama late, with the Aggies being the only team to take down the Tide. That was the undeniable high in what's been an up-and-down day for the Dawgs quarterback.

The low was a badly underthrown ball late in the second half with the score tied at seven. That pass was picked off by Ha'Sean Clinton-Dix -- or Ha'Ha Clinton-Dix, as Verne called him -- to set up a short field goal drive for Alabama, a 10-7 edge that the Tide took as time expired.

There have been other miscues or major plays in this game. A fake punt by Georgia that set up the touchdown throw. A fake punt by Alabama nullified by a delay-of-game penalty, as well as a fumble by AJ McCarron. And a pair of controversial roughing the passer calls, one because a hit on McCarron got flagged and another because a late hit to the head on Murray did not. A pick by McCarron cost Alabama points; a missed FG did the same for Georgia.

But for the most part, this game looks like it's going to come down to how well Aaron Murray plays in the second half. If Georgia hopes to win this game, he will have to play a lot better.