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Condensation Scuttles Florida's Aircraft Carrier Game

Florida and Georgetown only got one half in before condensation on the court made the playing environment too dangerous to continue.

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Chris Trotman

One of last basketball season's coolest game environments was the game that UNC and Michigan State played on the flight deck of the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier. This season had two such games scheduled, one of them pitting Florida and Georgetown in Jacksonville on the USS Bataan.

The teams managed to get only one half of play in before the game had to be cancelled. Condensation on the court made the floor too slick to play on, and no amount of effort to dry the court was enough to make it safe. A single half is not enough to make the game official, so both teams leave the ship with a 0-0 record and no stats to their names.

UF's Will Yeguete had the best half of anyone with eight points on 4-5 shooting and four rebounds. Erik Murphy also had seven points for the Gators, while Kenny Boynton knocked down a pair of threes to score six points. Nate Lubick and Otto Porter each had seven points for the Hoyas.

The teams in Jacksonville were fortunate to get any action in at all for the assembled crowd. The other carrier game was supposed to be between Ohio State and Marquette on the USS Yorktown in Mount Plesant, South Carolina. Condensation there scrapped the whole game before it even started. The Syracuse-San Diego State game on the USS Midway even got postponed until Sunday due to weather concerns. Given the problems all three sites, it's unlikely that we'll see any more carrier games in the future.

I suggest replacing them with games in NASA's Vehicle Assembly Building, provided the forecast doesn't call for any rain inside the building.