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SEC Blitz, Week 11

The best news and stories from around the SEC.

Joe Robbins
Roll Bama Roll

LSU has an upset of top-ranked Alabama firmly in their grasp, but the Crimson Tide steals a victory in the closing seconds with a comeback for the ages

Arkansas Expats

Our friends at Garnet And Black Attack were kind enough to give us some Palmetto-centric insight into the matchup between the Razorbacks and Gamecocks this Saturday.

College and Magnolia

Rumor, speculation and innuendo related to Auburn's head coaching and athletics director positions has run rampant recently.

Alligator Army

Could Florida's offensive coordinator leave the Gators after just one year?

Dawg Sports

How good a freshman year do you think Todd Gurley is having for the Georgia Bulldogs? Chances are, you aren't giving him enough credit for the stellar season he is having.

A Sea of Blue

Bookmark this storystream to follow along with the twists and turns of Kentucky's effort to replace Joker Phillips.

And the Valley Shook

Was there a blown coverage on the play likes Les Miles said? ATVS investigates...

Red Cup Rebellion

The longest SEC win drought of the Ole Miss Rebel football program continues.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

I realize we live in a time where information comes fast, decisions are made quickly, and emotions fly off the shelf. But good grief Bulldog nation, take a step back.

Garnet and Black Attack

Connor Shaw succumbs to yet another mysterious bone injury, Kelcy Quarles will be back in action against Arkansas, and Marcus Lattimore's achievements in Touchdown Machinehood will be recognized on Saturday.

Rocky Top Talk

Is there a period or a question mark after the title of this story?

Good Bull Hunting

The Crimson Tide don't play "Old Man Football", they play GROWN MAN FOOTBALL. To prevail, the young A&M team will have to come of age in Tuscaloosa this weekend. While Alabama is the most recent college football dynasty, seeking its 3rd MNC in four years,they can be beaten, and here's how.

Anchor of Gold

Vanderbilt thrashed Kentucky in a 40-0 blowout on Saturday. Has this team grown since their 1-3 start, or has their three game winning streak been the result of an easier schedule?