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The Other Kind of Ballot that I Cast Earlier Today

This is probably not the prettiest BlogPoll ballot that you're ever going to see, but it'll work for now

Ed Zurga

For those of you who wonder why posting has been somewhat irregular over the last 24 hours or so -- remember, I'm a political reporter in Florida and today is kind of a big deal. I cast my ballot in the regular election, and I also cast my ballot late last night in the BlogPoll. Professional obligations keep me from telling you who won my votes in the former, but blogging obligations insist I tell you who won my votes in the latter.

Yeah, I know -- I'm not entirely happy with it either, but it was like 2 a.m. and I'm in the middle of the electoral storm. A few thoughts on some of the weirder things:

  • I'm actually okay with Florida being ahead of Georgia, though I'm not sure that I'm okay with Florida being five spots ahead of Georgia. (And, independent of that, Georgia seems too low at No. 10.) The Gators do have the wins against South Carolina and LSU, which Georgia does not have, but Georgia does have the win against Florida. Resume voting this late in the season makes it very hard to follow only the head-to-head, which is also why South Carolina is below Georgia.
  • I really have given up trying to figure out where to put Florida State. They have a really good one, a bad-but-not-too-terrible loss and a few blowouts of some likely bowl teams that aren't much better than decent. UCLA and Louisville also completely confuse me; I feel like the former should be lower and the latter should be higher, but I'm not sure their schedules justify it on a resume ballot.
  • Southern Cal, we can talk when you actually beat a team worth beating. Until then, you're going to have a hard time cracking the Top 15, and even this might be generous.