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Topics for Discussion: Alabama's Sustainability, the Heisman Candidates, and Who's Going to Orlando

Also: Are there any favorites that might lose next week? And the Derek Dooley firing clock ticks on

Stacy Revere

Can Alabama remain undefeated? The Tide had a big scare against LSU on Saturday night, in case you missed that low-profile game, and came withing about 90 seconds of having their entire season come off the rails. And it's not like there aren't a few tough games left on Alabama's schedule. They still have Texas A&M coming to Tuscaloosa next week -- the opportunities for letdown game are immense -- and the eventual SEC Championship Game against an SEC East champion that looks for all the world to be Georgia. So can the Tide make it to 13-0, a vital steppingstone to making it to 14-0?

Better Heisman chances: Johnny Manziel or AJ McCarron? I got a bit carried away on Twitter just after the Tide took the lead on LSU for the last time, asking whether it was a Heisman moment for McCarron. Which was questionable -- and several tweeters called me out for it -- and odd, because I don't even really like the idea of a Heisman moment, at least as it's usually understood. But there are really only two real candidates left to win the trophy in the SEC: McCarron and Johnny Football. So should the listless third quarter that almost cost Alabama the game against LSU eliminate McCarron? And can Manziel overcome being a freshman to grab the trophy?

What's your potential undercard upset this weekend? Georgia goes to Auburn to visit a Tigers team that really has nothing to play for except derailing the Dawgs and the Tide in their respective quests for special seasons. Mississippi State heads to Baton Rouge for a game of teams that basically had their hearts stomped on this Saturday. And South Carolina watched both of the teams it needed to win on Saturday look impressive for varying amounts of time only to fall short; they host an Arkansas team that has given them fits for years now. So do any of the favorites go down?

Is Derek Dooley done now? It seemed like only a few weeks ago that Dooley was the safest of the hot-seat coaches, but the faithful are getting restless, and allowing a team-record 721 yards to Troy isn't going to help matters, even if you do manage to win the game in the end. The Vols are 4-5 and have three winnable games on the schedule, including two games in which they should be favored -- home bouts against Missouri and Kentucky surround a toss-up game at Vanderbilt. So if Tennessee can put together a winning record, can they keep Dooley gainfully employed for another year? Or has the die already been cast when it comes to his future?

Who's going to which bowls? Let's assume for a moment that Alabama goes to the national championship game and the Sugar Bowl takes Georgia as the replacement team. (That's a bit of an assumption for the moment, but work with me here.) Which teams do you think that the Capital One (next pick overall), Cotton (next pick from the West) and Outback (next pick from the East) take? That's as far as we'll go this week, but we'll get a little bit further along as the season unfolds.