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Georgia 37, Ole Miss 10: Style Points or No, Dawgs on the Brink of Heading to Atlanta

Georgia won the game Saturday, and that's really all that matters. They're one away from a second straight division title

Scott Cunningham

At some point, there looked to be a pretty good chance that Georgia would lose this game and hand the SEC East title to Florida. Perhaps it was when Ole Miss scored to go up 10-0 against the Dawgs early in the second quarter. Or maybe it was when, with the score 10-7 in Ole Miss' favor, Keith Marshall fumbled the ball, which was recovered by Ole Miss.

That began an almost comical series of plays that was difficult to believe. On the next play, Ole Miss' Vince Sanders fumbled the ball away to Georgia. Two plays later, Todd Gurley fumbled the ball back to the Rebels. Not to be outdone, Ole Miss responded by having Bo Wallace throw an interception to Alec Ogletree. (It's worth noting that the subsequent Georgia drive ended with a turnover on downs.)

But when Georgia ended the first half by scoring a touchdown to take the lead, then started the second half by pushing that lead to 21-10, it was pretty clear where the game was going. Those touchdowns were part of six consecutive scores by the Dawgs, who ended up coasting through the second half to a 37-10 win.

In fact, the second half was lopsided enough that it made the entire stat sheet look lopsided. The Dawgs gained 533 yards of total offense to just 234 for the Rebels. Ole Miss managed just over a yard and a half per rush, and went 2-of-13 on third down conversions.

Not that the style points are all that important. Georgia is on the cusp of winning the SEC East, and that's really all that matters. And if they win next week at Auburn, no lack of style points will keep anyone from calling them division champions.