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LSU Vs. Arkansas Preview: How the Tigers Could Lose, But Probably Won't

There actually is a scenario that you can come up with for the Razorbacks defeating the Bayou Bengals in this game. Their chance of pulling it off is somewhat slim

Spruce Derden-US PRESSWIRE

LSU Tigers vs. Arkansas Razorbacks, 2:30 p.m. ET, CBS

This is one of those statistics that is pretty much meaningless, but interesting to consider nonetheless: All time, LSU has played 71 games on CBS, losing 31 of those. Six of those losses -- almost a fifth -- have come against Arkansas since 1998. And half of those losses have featured an unranked Arkansas defeating a ranked LSU team.

But this year? Certainly not. Arkansas is comically bad, has a coach as insane as a rabid jackrabbit, and is playing out the string on what is already a 4-7 season. Well, probably not.

If, though, you want some reasons to believe that Arkansas could pull it off, it comes in one of the few places where Arkansas is not scraping the bottom of the SEC rankings. The Razorbacks are fifth in rushing defense on a per-play basis as well as a per-game basis, and LSU's offense (to the extent it has an offense) is dependent on the run. Zach Mettenberger has improved of late, though his two-interception day against Ole Miss could be a sign that this is more of a two-steps-forward, one-step-back process than a linear progression.

Throw in the fact that LSU has given up two straight 300-yard passing games, though both in Tiger wins, and you begin to see the slightest bit of evidence that Arkansas could pull the upset. Arkansas shuts down the run, Mettenberger can't carry LSU on his back, and the Hogs escape with another dramatic upset in a series full of them.

Still, this is Arkansas we're talking about. They have yet to defeat an SEC team that currently holds a winning record, and the closest they've come is the 18-point defeat at South Carolina. (They only lost by three to Ole Miss, but the Rebels not only having a losing record right now, they likely will at the end of the year barring a surprising win in the Egg Bowl tomorrow and a bowl victory. Arkansas' only SEC wins are at Auburn and against Kentucky.) It would be a nice story for John L. Smith and company if our scenario happened, but the odds are that it won't.

LSU 35, Arkansas 14