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Year2's Week 13 Picks

Picks and predictions for the last full weekend of SEC football.

Stacy Revere

Last week: 9-2 straight up, 1-3 against the spread

Season: 82-18 straight up, 38-51 against the spread

It's over, you guys. Not over over, as we still have these games left to go. But, the 2012 regular season is winding down to a close, and soon all we'll have is the bowl season between us and the long nothing that is the offseason. Cherish these games while you still can.

LSU (-12) over Arkansas 38-13

Arkansas is done for this year. Just, done. Time to move on to the coaching search full time.

Georgia (-13) over Georgia Tech 27-20

I have a feeling that the Bulldogs have been spending this week thinking about Alabama and a potential trip to Miami. Georgia Tech is a bad opponent to be playing under those circumstances, but they should pull it out anyway.

Tennessee (-13.5) over Kentucky 17-10

It's the Lame Duck Bowl, and you're invited! (to find something else to watch during this time slot)

Florida State (-6) over Florida 13-6

Unless the teams' defenses and special teams can find ways to score, this is going to be a very ugly and boring game for anyone without a dog in the fight. I can't shake the feeling that EJ Manuel will find a way to give this one away, but that's not the basis of a pick.

Vanderbilt (-11.5) over Wake Forest 37-20

Am I really picking Vandy to cover a double digit spread over a BCS team? And did I really do it without much thought because the team is this good? James Franklin, either by VU or someone else, get paid.

Alabama (-31.5) over Auburn 40-6

The only way Bama doesn't cover in this one is if both teams run the ball enough that the clock runs out before they can. Which is unlikely.

Ole Miss (-1.5) over Mississippi State 34-31

It's a shame this one is squirreled away on ESPNU because this should be a phenomenal game.

South Carolina (+4) over Clemson 38-37

I think the Gamecocks' defense will to juuuuuust enough for them to gut out this win. Clemson has played only one defense in the same neighborhood, and it lost that one.

Texas A&M (-22) over Missouri 34-20

I do think the Aggies will finally get a home win over the Tigers, but I expect it to be a bit more muted than the line implies.