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LSU Vs. Ole Miss: Les Miles' Postgame Press Conference Was Awesome

You might not like LSU as a matter of course. And there are certainly aspects of how Les Miles manages a football team that are ethically sketchy, at best. But when he gives a press conference like this, it's hard not to love the man at least a little.

There are so many Les Miles moments that it's hard to say that any one of them will be remembered as the "most Les Miles moment ever." But this one would be a strong contender.

It's all there. The unique syntax that has spawned a list of catch phrases. The emotion that makes him very clearly enunciate every word. The machismo. The unadorned love he has for Michigan even as he becomes more and more closely tied to LSU. And the love of his players. Just make sure, you know, that you only kiss the players on the mouth if you're a girl.