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Syracuse Vs. Missouri Preview: A Tougher Challenge Shows Missouri's Still Adjusting

The Orange are actually not as bad a football team as you might expect. But will that be enough to beat Missouri in Columbia?

Joe Robbins

Syracuse Orange vs. Missouri Tigers, 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

Sigh. Just when they were starting to look like a real SEC team, Missouri goes and plays a nonconference game this week against a team from the same subdivision. C'mon, guys.

And Syracuse is actually a surprisingly competent FBS team, at least by Syracuse standards. The Orange are 5-5 on the season only need a win over Temple to get to a bowl game. Three of those losses have come by one score, and none have come by more than 13 points. And they just beat Louisville last week in what still counts as a relatively surprising upset of an undefeated team. Syracuse might be the best offense in the Big East, for whatever that is worth.

All of which is long way of saying that Missouri fans should be nervous about this game. It's been a difficult season for the Tigers and the Orange are a little bit better football team than you might thing. But they're on the road, and this is the letdown game from the win over Louisville. That should be enough to ensure Missouri a win.

Missouri 42, Syracuse 28