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Arkansas Vs. Mississippi State Preview: Why is This Game in This Time Slot Again?

Sure, this isn't the biggest game of the week or anything, but it's a lot better than most of the other games that the conference will play this weekend

Chris Graythen

Arkansas Razorbacks vs. Mississippi St. Bulldogs, 12:21 p.m. ET, SEC Network

Why this game is on the SEC Network this week is beyond me. Sure, it's a contest between an SEC team that's unlikely to head to a bowl game and a team that defeats all the average-or-below teams it faces but loses to the top-notch teams it faces -- but, still, it's better than most of what the SEC has to offer this week. Again, half of the conference's members are facing teams from a different subdivision.

But here it is, languishing at the noon-plus-21-minutes time slot, as Arkansas continues to play out the string of the John L. Smith Quasi-era and Mississippi State looks to strengthen its bowl credentials.

After a three-week shredder that featured Alabama, Texas A&M and LSU, the Western Division Bulldogs are ranked near the middle of the SEC in practically every statistical category. (They are tops in the conference in turnover margin and do a solid job of keeping the quarterback upright, some of which would explain their success.) You know the plight of the Razorbacks by now, whose quality passing offense is canceled out by pretty much everything else. A high scoring game goes to the Dogs.

Mississippi State 45, Arkansas 37