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BlogPoll Ballot, Week 11: No New No. 1 Here

Who's on top, moving up and moving down in our weekly summation of the top teams in all of college football


Because my ballot didn't have Alabama as No. 1 to begin with because of their resume, the hunt for a new No. 1 wasn't as difficult for me. (And, yes, I still think it's Kansas State.) But there were a few changes, including a rather large leap that you probably saw coming.

To that Kansas State and Oregon bit first. Here's a chart I've come up with that kind of describes my thinking about why the Wildcats should lead right now on a resume ballot, though I think the Ducks will ultimately be No. 1 if both teams win out.


If anything, I tried to go with Oregon when I wasn't sure about which game would be higher rated. (Though good luck with anybody trying to make heads or tails of whether a 40-point defeat of Kansas or a 56-point clocking of the alleged football team in Boulder is worth more.) And I did consider margin of victory, since the Ducks' main claim to fame so far seems to be that they incinerate their opponents.


  • Thing stay relatively stable among the Top 5. The reasons for Alabama's drop should be more apparent; Notre Dame's decline is coming from playing fewer and fewer teams that are -- how shall we say this? -- competent. Florida benefits from, among other things, having one of their better wins beat Alabama.
  • Texas A&M and to a lesser extent Stanford move up thanks to wins against significant foes. A&M has a better win than almost anyone else on the board right now, but they also have two losses, or they might be No. 1 right now.
  • Oregon State dropped after losing to Stanford -- which, yeah. But Ohio State's drop came at least in part because of a bye and in part because I took another look at their schedule. Being undefeated is something, but man the B1G is bad. And it's not like, with the exception of Nebraska, they've been blowing everyone out of the stadium. They beat Cal by seven -- in Columbus. Wisconsin and Michigan might give them a chance to move back up.

Nothing else strikes me as really remarkable, though as always I'm happy to field any questions/complaints/etc. The chart: