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Arkansas Coaching Search: John L. Smith Wants to Come Back to Arkansas

It's not that we don't love having the Arkansas interim head coach in the SEC. It's just that we don't think Jeff Long would love to keep Smith in Fayetteville

Wesley Hitt

Sometimes, there's a fine line between optimism and delusion. John L. Smith appears to have crossed that line without realizing it.

John L. Smith hasn't given up hope of returning as Arkansas' coach quite yet. ...

"I'm the most optimistic guy you could imagine," Smith said. "So, I'm always optimistic. I'm optimistic on us going to Starkville and getting a win this weekend. The other stuff can take care of itself. I'm not overly worried about any of that."

Now, as a blogger, I'm rooting for the guy. The SEC is an infinitely more colorful and interesting place with John L. Smith as a coach than without him -- though you could also argue there's a bit of self-interest here as long as Arkansas continues to be the annual-until-we-get-a-permanent-schedule-worked-out SEC West opponent for South Carolina. And the guy's had a tough run of luck over the last few months, and it would be nice to see it all work out for him.

But Smith's candidacy for the Arkansas head coaching job is likely not a serious one. If the Razorbacks were on track for a bowl, it would be easier to take the discussion seriously. As it is, Smith could very well beat Derek Dooley and perhaps even Gene Chizik out the door.