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Topics for Discussion: Assessing the Texas A&M Upset, Checking Seat Temperatures, Seeding Bowls

Does the Alabama loss mean the streak is over, who's going to Atlanta and how would you rank the Top 5 teams?

Mike Zarrilli

Fallout from TAMUgeddon, Part I: So, is the streak dead? The best way to put this question might be, "Do you think that two of Kansas State, Notre Dame and Oregon will end up with a loss." Because, let's face it -- whether you think this is justified or not, the voters are not going to put a one-loss SEC team in the title game ahead of an undefeated AQ team. Do you think that the Tide is the only chance to get into the title game? Or should Georgia also get some considering if the Dawgs defeat the Tide in Atlanta.

Fallout from TAMUgeddon, Part II: Alabama's still a lock -- right? All the Tide has to do at this point is beat Auburn, which is still winless in the SEC and suddenly doesn't look like it's certain to beat Alabama A&M next week. So is there any chance that the rivalry factor catapults Auburn to an unlikely Iron Bowl win, or are we just waiting for Alabama's inevitable coronation?

Fallout from TAMUgeddon, Part III: How do you rank the Top 5? The undefeated teams are Kansas State, which beat TCU 23-10 on Saturday; Notre Dame, which defeated hapless BC 21-6; or Oregon, which is rolling past Cal by more than 40 points as of this writing. Where does Alabama go? What about LSU? And where should we put Texas A&M? You also might not want to forget Ohio State, which is 10-0 even if it's not eligible for the coaches' poll this season.

Who's the next SEC coach to go? Now that Joker Phillips has been dismissed, the spotlight shifts to Auburn and Knoxville. It's pretty safe to assume that Arkansas is not going to pre-emptively fire John L. Smith; if they were going to, they would have already done so weeks ago. While Auburn got blown out 38-0 at home to fall to 2-8, Tennessee lost 51-48 in four overtimes to Missouri, putting the Vols one loss away from bowl elimination. Does the ax fall on either Derek Dooley or Gene Chizik before the final game?

Let's do some more bowls. Let's put Bama in the Sugar Bowl for the moment. Does another team end up in the BCS when things are done? After that, go through the Capital One (next choice), Cotton (next choice from the West), Outback (next choice from the East), the Chick-fil-A (next pick) and the Gator (next pick). Again, we'll add a couple of games every week.