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With Alabama Loss to Texas A&M, SEC West Title Still Kind of in Play

Alabama's loss against A&M didn't just turn the national title race upside down; it also put the SEC West in play for three teams. Here's how

Mike Zarrilli

Alabama's loss against Texas A&M has some implications in the SEC West title race, which would have been over if the Tide had defeated the Aggies. Instead, Alabama, A&M and LSU all go into the final two weeks of the season with at least a mathematical chance at winning the SEC West.

First, let's all calm down and be a little bit realistic about this. If Alabama beats Auburn in two weeks, which is as close to a certainty as any SEC game can be in advance, then the Tide will go to Atlanta to face Georgia. But if the Tigers somehow can pull off the upset of the season, then things get a little more complicated.

The most important game right now is the one between LSU and Mississippi State. If Mississippi State wins (they're currently trailing), then Texas A&M is the favorite should Alabama lose against Auburn. The Aggies would win a head-to-head against Alabama and would win a three-team tie with Alabama and Mississippi State by virtue of having a 2-0 record against Bama and State.

If LSU wins, things start to look desperate for the Aggies, who can't overcome their tie with the Tigers. A&M would need LSU to lose either against Ole Miss in Baton Rouge or at Arkansas to end the season. That's not impossible -- if nothing else, Alabama fans can tell you that much.