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SEC Blitz, Week 10

News and notes from around the conference.

Roll Bama Roll

Georgia seizes control of the SEC West, while Alabama's reign of dominance continues with the showdown in Baton Rouge on the horizon.

Arkansas Expats

Gruden's been a hot name among fans ever since Bobby Petrino was fired in April, and other fan bases crave him as well. My question is, why?

College and Magnolia

True freshman quarterback Jonathan Wallace has been named the starter for Auburn's upcoming game against New Mexico State.

Alligator Army

Missouri isn't a trap game for Florida; it's a potential letdown game. The Gators are built to avoid those.

Dawg Sports

In this Tuesday's edition of the TVB, we're switching up the normal procedure of highlighting an x's and o's piece of a play, and instead, Dawg Sports takes a look at the six Florida turnovers that occurred during the Cocktail Party. Specifically, I'm looking to highlight the premise that not all turnovers are equal in terms of how they occur...after all, there's a reason we track the stat 'forced fumbles'.

A Sea of Blue

With the career-threatening injury to Marcus Lattimore, questions are being asked about the wisdom of playing college sports for any longer than necessary.

And the Valley Shook

Something wicked this way comes...

Red Cup Rebellion

Statistically, the Georgia Bulldogs actually match up fairly closely to the Ole Miss Rebels in many ways.

For Whom the Cowbell Tolls

The MSU receivers and Tyler Russell have an opportunity to bounce back against the struggling Aggie secondary.

Rock M Nation

All the things you may have missed if all you looked at was the simple box score.

Garnet and Black Attack

What it means for South Carolina's chances of repeating an 11-2 season is unimportant. Marcus Lattimore's knee injury just sucks.

Rocky Top Talk

Tennessee gets a reprieve from opponents in the top 15 of the current BCS standings to host Troy on Saturday. What do the numbers say about what we should expect?

Good Bull Hunting

The last time these 2 teams met, the Aggies choked away a sure victory in Shreveport. Eerily ominous for the decade that was to follow, but as Mark McGwire famously said, we're not here to focus on the past. We're here to talk about the present; specifically, the presents we hope Johnny Football leaves under our proverbial trees this weekend. So without further ado, grab some hot cocoa, throw some hand warmers in your mittens, and pull up a chair for an ice-cold edition of the tailgate!

Anchor of Gold

Vanderbilt eventually broke away from UMass in a 49-7 win...but not before giving Commodore fans something to worry about in the first half. Could a more conservative approach to fourth down help the 'Dores?