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Sprints Sends Thoughts and Prayers to Aaron Murray // 10.09.12

The SEC news that's making the rounds today.

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

Thoughts and prayers to Aaron Murray's family
There's no reason to let fandom get in the way here: It's always tragic whenever any family faces cancer, which is what Aaron Murray's family is going through.

Murray found out that his father, Denny Murray, had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer. "Papa Murray," as Aaron referred to him in another tweet, underwent surgery today at the Moffit Cancer Center in Tampa. The family reports that it went well and he is recovering.

Here's hoping that Denny Murray recovers and that his cancer is in remission as soon as possible.

Now if only he had some ability to make that happen
Les Miles is one of our favorite SEC coaches for many reasons. But he also has an annoying tendency to throw players and assistants under the bus. As in:

Frankly, if we had gotten down there, I wish we would have dialed up some different plays just before the half when we got the ball on the seven yard line. I certainly think that we could have picked some better things. By strategy, you put us in a position to throw the ball, and even down there if we can show balance and the ability to throw it, it doesn't allow them to sit on our run. We went to the pass twice in that series that if I could recall it, I would have done different.

Too bad he's not, like, the head coach or someone with the authority to tell his offensive coordinator to try something different.

Ronald Powell not coming back this season
This comes after a "revision" or a "repair" to his knee surgery, which are Orwell-worthy ways of saying Powell went under the knife again.

Things I would have never expected to read
John Clay both makes and quotes Joker Phillips making some interesting points about some controversial decisions in Kentucky's game against Mississippi State. But then you start out with a sentence like this:

There are few things in football more overrated than play-calling ...

Maybe that attitude has something to do with this
This year's attendance for Kentucky includes the three smallest crowds for Kentucky football since Commonwealth Stadium was expanded 13 years ago.

For those of you interested in TV scheduling two weeks out
We don't yet know what will be the CBS game on Oct. 20. The choices are Alabama-Tennessee, South Carolina-Florida and LSU-Texas A&M. One of the other games will go to the ESPN primetime game while the other heads to -- noon?