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SEC Power Poll Ballot, Week 7: Florida and South Carolina Up, and Arkansas Isn't No. 14

Our look at the best and worst of the SEC after the latest week in college football.

Sam Greenwood - Getty Images

1. Alabama
The runaway freight train spent some time in the garage this week. It will likely come out and plow over the next team -- hello, Missouri.

2. Florida
Florida and South Carolina are 2 and 2a, as far as I'm concerned. The Gators get the nod for having the slightly more impressive win.

3. South Carolina
Easiest way to prove you're not the "Old Carolina"? Win this week.

4. LSU
Was this weekend a distracted LSU team that will now regain its focus, or the real deal. If it's the former, then South Carolina better watch out. The latter means that the teams below better watch out for falling Tigers.

5. Texas A&M
You'll do.

6. Georgia
Remember when Todd Grantham was going to fix all of Georgia's defensive problems and turn the entire program around? Yeah, how's that working out?

7. Mississippi State
Dan Mullen probably thinks the Western Division Bulldogs should be in the Top 10 right now. Everyone else realizes they haven't played anyone just yet.

8. Tennessee
Took a week off to try to find a defense.

9. Vanderbilt
Starting to look a little bit more like the Vanderbilt we were expecting. But could still be headed to a 5-7, Vandyesque record.

10. Ole Miss
Out-Texas A&M'd Texas A&M.

11. Missouri
The team from the Show Me State hasn't showed us much all season.

12. Kentucky
[Insert "basketball season begins soon" joke here]

13. Arkansas
Hey! A win! Smile!

14. Auburn
Oh, Auburn.