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Texas A&M Vs. Ole Miss Preview: Meet All the New Guys

Both TAMU and Ole Miss are a bit mysterious right now. So what does that mean for their game this evening?

Ronald Martinez - Getty Images

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Mississippi Rebels, 7 p.m. ET, ESPNU

There's still a little bit of mystery to this game. The Aggies boast the highest-scoring offense in the SEC in their first year in the conference, but the competition so far has consisted of Florida (which held them to 17 points), SMU, South Carolina State and Arkansas. With the exception of Florida, none of those teams are exactly defensive juggernauts.

Ole Miss just finished facing a top-notch defense, and the results have been less than inspiring. But aside from the 14 points they managed against Alabama, the Rebels have scored at least 28 in each of their four other games. And while the 3-2 record isn't much different than the preseason predictions might have called for, the disappointing early-season returns from Fayetteville and the Plains have raised hopes of Ole Miss in a postseason game. This game would go a long way toward confirming that.

All that said, Texas A&M has a more complete team this year, both in terms of offensive balance and defensive ability. A tight first half proves that both of these teams' new coaches are on the right track, but the Aggies prove that they're just a bit better right now.

Texas A&M 45, Ole Miss 32