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LSU Vs. Florida: Where to Watch It, What's at Stake and the Line

Setting the scene for one of the biggest games of the SEC season so far.

John Sommers II - Getty Images

Time, TV and Location: 3:30 p.m. ET, CBS, Gainesville

What's at stake for Florida: What has been one of the surest signs of the season's outcome for the last several years. Since Urban Meyer took over in 2005, Florida has won its first four games and then lost its fifth game every time the Gators have failed to win the SEC East. This could be an amazing coincidence -- Florida lost the fourth game (against Ole Miss) in 2008 before ripping off 10 straight wins to win the national championship. But it is a bizarre kind of coincidence that might cause you to worry. In three of the four years that Florida failed to win the division over that time frame, the schedule was cupcake/midmajor - cupcake/midmajor/Big East - Tennessee - Kentucky. The final game in the fourth year was the other half of Florida's home-and-home against Ole Miss. If currently 4-0 Florida loses this game, a little bit of air could begin to leak out of the balloon that has been the 2012 season.

What's at stake for LSU: A win would almost instantly erase many of the questions that were raised by the Tigers' unimpressive wins against Auburn and Towson. Florida isn't the most impressive game on the LSU schedule -- there's every reason to believe that Alabama, if no one else, will be tougher -- but it will be the first game against an undefeated marquee program for LSU this year. It would also start off the most important stretch of the season on the right foot; games against South Carolina, at Texas A&M, against Alabama and against Mississippi State follow this one. If the Tigers lose the game Saturday, there will be no chance for them to regroup before a grinding stretch that will essentially take the Bayou Bengals through most of the remaining championship contenders. Winning would be a much-needed bit of morale at the beginning of that stretch -- essentially, proof to LSU players and fans that they can do this.

Line: LSU by 2.5