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College Football Playoff May Not Get Seventh Bowl, Six Bowl Sites All But Confirmed

Just forget about that extra access stuff. They never meant it anyway.

Kevin C. Cox

Remember about a month ago when word leaked that the BCS successor system might get a seventh bowl in the semifinal rotation? And how it was about making sure there was enough access for non-power conferences? Well, Brett McMurphy's sources say that it turns out that access is overrated:

A proposed seventh access bowl is becoming less likely and the commissioners of the BCS might stick with their original plan of only having six in the new playoff format, sources told ESPN. ...

"I think everyone has realized the seventh bowl is not on the level with the other contract bowls," a source said. "The question was how much can we get for this game? It didn't sound like it was a lot."

It's not. The Rose and Champions bowls will be worth $80 million a year. Sources also told ESPN that the Orange Bowl will be worth $60 million a year compared to only about $25 million a year for the proposed seventh bowl.

Are you surprised that "access" went by the wayside when the money didn't add up? If you are, I've got a bridge to sell you in New York.

McMurphy is also reporting that the six bowls are basically set. They're going to be the four existing BCS bowls plus the Cotton and Chick-fil-A Bowls. It gives an even geographical spread and includes existing relationships. Its not decided yet which of the Cotton and Sugar will be the "Champions Bowl", a name that will probably go away once the decision is made, but the other will still be in the rotation.

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